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1. All applications for the hire of Shirley Parish Hall (“the Hall”) must be in writing on the booking form prescribed by the Trustees of the Hall (“the Trustees”).and forwarded to the Hall booking secretary named on the booking form. The person who signs the application form will be considered the  hirer. Where a promoting organisation is also named, that organisation shall also be  considered the hirer and shall be jointly and severally liable for the hire  arrangements with the person who signs the form. 

2. A deposit, (only refundable in accordance with Condition 17, and provided there has  been no other breach of these conditions) must be paid at the time of application  and the Hall will not be booked until the deposit has been received. The booking fee  must be paid at least 28 days before the function otherwise the Hall may be let to  another hirer without notice or payment of compensation. Cheques should be made  payable to “Shirley Parish Hall”. 

3. The hiring charges shall be those laid down by the Trustees 

a. In case of cancellation by the hirer: - 

i. If a request is made in writing at least six weeks before the event, 50% of the deposit paid pursuant to paragraph 2 will be retained by the Trustees. 

b. If a request is made in writing within six weeks before the event, the whole of the booking fee will be payable. 

If applicable the Trustees will refund the balance of any deposit or booking fee or balance thereof to the hirer in accordance with the above provisions. 

4. The Trustees reserve the right to cancel the hiring by written notice to the hirer in the event of: - 

a. The Hall being required for use as a polling station for 

Parliamentary, European or Local Government election or by-election. b. The Trustees reasonably considering that:- 

i. such hiring will lead to a breach of licensing conditions if 

applicable or other legal or statutory requirements; or 

ii. unlawful or unsuitable activities will take place at the Hall as a 

result of this hiring; or 

iii. The Hall becoming unfit or unsafe for the use intended by the hirer; or iv. An emergency resulting in the use of the Hall as a shelter for 

the victims of flooding, snow, storm, fire, explosion, or those at 

risks of these or similar disaster. 

v. Use by St John’s Parish Church, in the event that the Parish Church in  the opinion of the Trustees is unusable for public worship.

In such case the hirer shall be entitled to a full refund of any deposit or booking  fee already paid, but the Trustees shall not be liable to the hirer for any resulting  direct or indirect loss or damages whatsoever. 

5. The Trustees may refuse any application for the hire of the Hall without stating a  reason and highlight that the Trustees do not usually accept 

bookings for parties or other celebrations for persons aged between 12 and 21 years  of age. 

6. Alcoholic drinks may be served free, but no sale of alcoholic drinks may be undertaken unless the hirer has engaged someone who holds a current Alcohol  Licence in accordance with the Licensing Act 2005 and notifies the booking secretary  of the name of such person. Without this notification the Trustees have the right to  cancel any event being held at the Hall. No event may be advertised stating the  availability of any alcoholic drinks (whether free or not) without the prior permission  of the Trustees. No alcoholic drinks are to be sold to persons under the age of 18  years. 

7. All conditions attached to the Music and Dancing Licence for the Hall shall be duly  observed. A copy of such licence may be seen on application to the booking  secretary and the hirer shall be deemed to have had notice of all such conditions. All  music must cease at 10.15pm weekdays and Sundays and 11.15pm on Saturdays.  The Hall Licence does not cover performances of ballet, opera, choral works, etc. and  the hirer is responsible for obtaining the requisite Performing Rights Society Licence, or any other requisite Licence, and this must be produced to the Trustees if they  request the same. 

8. The hire of the Hall does not entitle the hirer to use or enter the Hall at any time  other than the specified hours for which the Hall is hired. The caretaker will meet all hirers of the Hall at the time printed on the booking form and at no time is the Hall  to be left unlocked and unattended during the period of the hiring unless alternative  arrangements have been made in writing between the hirer and the Trustees. 

9. The hirer shall not sub-let the Hall or any part thereof, nor use the Hall for any  purposes other than as stated on the booking form. 

10. All advertising of events is subject to the approval of the Trustees. Advertising  includes posters, newspaper inserts, magazine inserts, tickets, and radio and  television announcements. 

11. The hirer is responsible for all damage to the Hall, property in the Hall and grounds occurring during the period of the hiring or while persons are entering or  leaving the Hall pursuant to the hire, however and by whomsoever caused the booking deposit is refundable subject to satisfactory inspection of the Hall by the  Trustees. 

12. The Trustees shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to an property arising out of the hiring nor for any loss, damage or injury which may be incurred by or be done or happen to any person or persons using the Hall during the hiring or arising from any cause whatsoever or for any loss due to the breakdown of machinery, failure of the supply of electricity, 

leakage of water, fire, government restriction or act of God which may cause the Hall to be temporarily closed or the hiring to be interrupted or cancelled and the hirer shall indemnify the owner against any claim which may arise out of the hiring or which may be made by any person resorting to the Hall during the hiring in respect of any loss, damage, or injury. 

13. The right of entry to the Hall is reserved to the Trustees and any agent authorised by  the Trustees and any police officer at any time during the hiring. 

14. The hirer shall be responsible to ensure that good order is kept in the Hall during the  hiring and the Trustees may, if they think fit, charge the hirer for any extra expense  they may incur for engaging police constables to preserve order prior to, during or  after any event or meeting in the Hall. At all times the hirer will take reasonable care  to ensure that the occupants of the neighbouring properties are not inconvenienced  by noise, obstruction or vehicles and the like. 

15. The Trustees reserve the right to put a stop to any entertainment or meeting not properly conducted. 

16. No fixtures or fittings of any kind shall be driven into any part of the Hall, nor shall any placard or other articles be affixed thereto. The hirer may attach decorations to the Hall, but the use of Blu Tack or similar products, sticky tape and adhesives on the wall surfaces is not permitted. 

17. The hirer shall, at the expiration of the period of the hiring, leave the Hall in a clean and orderly state and all empty bottles, cans, waste 

paper, food, debris and other rubbish must be cleared from the Hall and from the car park and grounds and suitably disposed of by the 

hirer off the premises. All windows and doors shall be closed. The 

deposit monies will only be refunded if the Hall is left in a clean and tidy condition and all the other conditions of this letting have been complied with. If any refuse if left in excess of that stated in clause 34, the Trustees  reserve the right to charge the hirer for the cost of disposal of any such excess  refuse. 

18. The property of the hirer and the hirer’s agent must be removed from the Hall within 30 minutes after the expiration of the hiring or fees may be charged for each hour or part thereof until the same is 

removed. The Trustees accept no responsibility for any property left on the premises after the hiring. In the case of bazaars, sales and any other occasion where property is brought into the premises for sale, all property remaining unsold at the expiration of the hiring will be 

considered the property of the hirer for the purpose of these

SPH T&C May 2022 


19. No flags, emblems or other decoration shall be displayed outside any part of the Hall without the previous consent in writing of the Trustees. 

20. The hirer shall remove any flag, emblem or other decoration displayed inside or  outside the Hall if in the opinion of the Trustees it shall be unseemly or expose the  Hall to an undue risk of fire or, in the opinion of the Trustees or its agent, is likely to  lead to disturbance or breach of the peace. 

21. No exits may be blocked, chairs or other obstructions placed in corridors, or any fire  appliances removed or tampered with. 

22. No additional lights or extensions from the existing electric light fittings shall be used without the previous consent of the Trustees in writing. 

23. Any show involving the use of scenery or the like on stage is subject to the inspection and approval seven days prior to the event by the Local Authority and Fire  Brigade. Evidence of such approval must be provided to the Trustees if requested by  them. 

24. The maximum number of persons allowed in the Hall at any one time by the Local Authority is 200 including any kitchen or catering staff. 

25. No smoking is permitted in any part of the Hall. 

26. Fireworks are not permitted in the Hall or within the grounds of the Hall and no barbecues or fires or cooking appliances (save for the 

cooker(s) already installed in the kitchen) may be lit in any part of the Hall or grounds. 

27. The Trustees may refuse in their absolute discretion to allow any additional equipment to be brought in the Hall. 

28. In the event of the Fire Brigade or other similar service or person being called out to  the Hall, the hirer will reimburse the Trustees the cost of any call out charge and, if a  Trustee or any employee or contractor of the Trustees is called out to the Hall for  any reason in connection with the hire, the Trustees may charge a reasonable call  out charge of no less than £50.00. The hirer will co-operate with and follow the  directions of any Officer or Police Officer attending the Hall. 

29. The person for the hire of the event/function has legal duties regarding safety issues  for those attending. The appendices attached to these Terms and Conditions for the  hire of the Hall form part of those Terms and Conditions. 

30. No ball games are permitted in the car park or grounds of the Hall and no person  shall be permitted to use the children’s play area which is provided for the exclusive use of the play group who rent the Hall on a regular basis.  No children shall be allowed on the stage, 

31. No chewing gum shall be deposited on the floors, furniture or on any part of the grounds. 

32. No food shall be consumed in the entrance hall, the lobbies of the Hall or car park. 

33. Subject to clause 18 above the hirer is required to vacate the hall no later than 11.00pm (Sunday to Thursday) and 12:00am (Friday and Saturday). Failure of the  hirer to vacate by the specified time will incur a penalty charge of 25% of the deposit  for every 15-minute period. 

34. Subject to clause 17 above the rental agreement includes the removal of general  waste equivalent of 15 standard 60 litre refuse sacks . It is the responsibility of the  hirer to remove any waste in addition to this. Any additional waste not removed by  the hirer will incur a charge of £100 which will be deducted from the deposit.




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The Parish Hall holds both of the above performance licences to cover your events 

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