Days Gone Bye

David Bowie at the Shirley Parish Hall

Early 1962 - June 1962 
The West Kent group The Kon-rads were formed in Early 1962 by drummer Dave Crook (b. David Crook) and guitarist Neville Wills (b. Shirley, Kent, UK d. 1981). Just after Easter singer George Underwood (b. Richard George Underwood, 28 January 1947, Bromley, Kent, UK) (ex George and the Dragons, The Hillsiders, The Spitfires) joined the band. Once he was in, he brought along his best friend and sax player David Jones (the future David Bowie) (b. David Robert Hayward Jones, 6 January 1947, 40 Stansfield Road, Brixton, South West London, UK), who joined in June 1962. He had a metal tenor saxophone.

THE KONRADS #2 (LATE 1962 - JAN 1964) 
1) Dave Hadfield drums 
2) Neville Wills lead guitar
3) George Underwood lead vocal
4) David Jones (aka David Bowie) metal tenor sax, lead vocals
5) Roger Ferris lead vocals
6) Christine Patton lead vocals
7) Stella Patton lead vocals
8) Alan Dodds rhythm guitar

Tuesday, November 2, 1963: The Shirley Parish Hall, Wickham Road, Shirley, Croydon, Kent, UK, plus The Truebeats, 7.30pm - 11.15pm  

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